The Making of Structural Steels ~ Report


Structural steel is steel construction material, a profile, formed with a specific shape or cross section and certain standards of chemical composition and mechanical properties. Structural steel shape, size, composition, strength, storage, etc., is regulated in most industrialized countries. Steel making is a complicated processes involving many stages and yielding thousands of by-products, it can be produced either from steel scrap or iron.

Production of structural steel is an integrated process. There are three main phases of production: ironmaking, steelmaking and shaping. However, these phases contain several operations

I've written a report recently about making of structural steel, it contains:

·         Introduction    
·         Iron/steel production  
·         Chemical composition and alloys for structural steels   
·         Heat treatment influence on mechanical properties of structural steels 
·         Mechanical characteristics/properties 
·         Shaping: hot rolling and cold forming of structural shapes 
·         Grades of structural steel           
·         APPENDIX A          

I've uploaded the report to Dropbox
You can download it from


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